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Objective and Subjective Legal Coding Services for Law Firms


In the contemporary legal industry, a number of firms are offering objective and subjective legal coding services for law firms. These firms offer legal document coding service, which involves objective and subjective coding of a document or record, ranging from a single email or letter to long contracts.

Legal Coding Process Involves Objective and Subjective Coding Services

Objective coding involves the process of creating an index of objective summary data from a document. Subjective coding is the process of indexing of documents around subjective data. During subjective and objective coding, most of the top-notch legal coding firms offer the following legal coding services to draft data for cases.

  • Bate capture
  • File level index
  • Logical document determination
  • Bibliographic coding date, document characteristic, document type, title, name fields
  • Subjective or in-text coding
  • File creation by scanning and loading

Latest Technology for Indexing and Coding

Understanding legal coding principles, rules, conventions and terminology, highly trained professionals offer customized coding services based on your particular requirements. They use the latest state-of-the-art software and tools to manage voluminous paperwork efficiently and deliver the desired results quickly.

Benefits of Objective and Subjective Legal Coding Service

With proficient and high quality legal coding service, you can improve case management; get important data into digitized format, easily and quickly retrieve coded and indexed data recorded in any database, and improve accuracy and productivity. These services also enable you to save money and time.

Legal Coding Outsourcing is More Beneficial to Legal Firms

Nowadays, most of the legal firms in the United States are increasingly outsourcing their objective and subjective legal coding projects to BPO firms specializing in the field of legal coding. By outsourcing your objective and subjective legal coding projects, you benefit from high quality and cost-effective coding.

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