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Reliable Legal Transcription Services


Legal transcription process involves the conversion of written or dictated legal information into proper legal documents. In order to make the legal documentation process speedy and quality oriented, a wide range of clients including attorneys, legal departments, public prosecutors, non-governmental organizations, banking firms, federal agencies and state agencies outsource legal transcription tasks to providers of reliable legal transcription services.

Unique Solutions in a Large Number of Legal and Paralegal Areas

Reliable legal transcription services are available in a large number of legal and paralegal areas-legal records, wire tap transcription, court proceeding transcription, data entry jobs, legal letter transcription, law office recordings, verbatim transcription, trial transcription, general correspondence transcription, scoping services, pleadings, brief statements, judgments, seminars, legal argument, client letters, court transcription and many more. Established transcription companies offer reliable legal transcription services that feature:

  • Document flow management system
  • Digital dictation facility
  • Toll free number dictation facility
  • Browser based file transferring
  • File transfer protocol (FTP)
  • EMR systems
  • Transcription server interface
  • Full work flow modules
  • 24/7 customer service

Quality Transcription and Timely Response

Quality transcription and timely response are the two important aspects that reliable legal transcription companies focus on. Such legal transcription companies maintain experienced legal transcribers having excellent competency in legal terminology. To ensure high quality in the transcribed files, legal transcription companies utilize the services of proofreaders, legal editors and quality analysts. Providers of reliable legal transcription services offer a lot of advantages to clients, including:

  • 99% accuracy rates with first rate audio
  • Quality check at three levels
  • High confidentiality and safety
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost effective
  • Proper legal documentation
  • Outstanding customer support

Leading transcription companies provide reliable legal transcription solutions to meet the increasing documentation requirements of clients all over the world. The rates of legal transcription vary by company. Selecting the right legal transcription service will help you to complete your projects within quick turnaround time.

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