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Choosing a Reliable Legal Transcription Service


Choosing a reliable legal transcription service is a process that requires discretion, understanding what your requirements are, and what you expect from the service provider. An online search for “legal transcription service” or “legal transcription company” would reveal a number of options.

The Basics of a Good Legal Transcription Service

First of all, look for the qualities that define a good legal transcription service:

  • high accuracy levels
  • an assurance that all data received would not be passed on to unauthorized persons
  • good comprehension of legal and business language, and of different accents
  • English language proficiency (no grammar errors or spelling mistakes)
  • flexibility in both mode of sending dictations and in methods of file transfer
  • professional experience

The Company Should Meet All Your Needs in a Proficient Manner

Next, think about all the forms of legal dictations that you would need transcribed. Consider if the company in question would be able to transcribe these kinds of dictations in a proficient manner. If the answer is no for any company, you can immediately reject it as an option. If the answer is yes, think about how frequently you would require transcribed files to be delivered to you – within a couple of hours, daily, once in two days, and so on. Consider the format which you want the transcripts to be in – Word, PageMaker, XML, HTML, PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, Excel, FrameMaker, or any other format. Analyze whether the companies you are considering would be able to meet your formatting and deadline needs.

Referrals and Recommendations – A Good Way to Measure Reliability

Talking about reliability, it is not enough to bank on what the company claims about itself. Look for referrals and recommendations, whether “word-of-mouth” or through online sources.

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