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Data Entry Jobs


Outsourcing data entry jobs is gaining popularity among business firms and government departments as the process can reduce the extra burden on their employees. Today a lot of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are offering many competitive and affordable data entry services for clients, both local and international.

Data entry mainly deals with creating soft copies of documents from a variety of input sources. The job may be either online or offline data entry, depending upon the medium through which the source data is being made available. Online data entry jobs require the user to log in to a particular website of the client for entering client data and all entered data are automatically stored in an online database maintained by the client company. Offline data entry jobs do not require an internet connection as the source data is fully made available offline for data entry operators.

A wide range of data entry services are being offered by BPO companies. These include:

  • Text entry and numerical data entry
  • Data capture and its conversion using scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) softwares
  • Image editing and manipulation
  • Document image processing

To ensure accuracy in data entry jobs, the services of qualified proofreaders are utilized, and they often double check the entered data with the original source. To maintain the confidential nature of jobs such as banking data entries, major BPO companies have special security softwares and surveillance cameras to track employee activities and this ensures that client data is safe and secure.

To provide uninterrupted services for clients, all reputable BPO companies have the necessary backup for power and internet along with necessary employees for mission critical applications.

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