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Tips to get Admissibility for Litigation Animation


Litigation animation is a well planned and edited audiovisual presentation that converts complicated information into easy and interesting trial exhibits and be presented in court. Besides being a highly effective litigation support tool it helps attorneys and law professionals explain difficult concepts, and impress the judge and jury.

Litigation animation is usually used as evidence. But it is essential that like all other tangible evidence it must also adhere to the Federal Rules of Evidence. If the court finds that the animation is not accurate, the animation will not be admitted in court.

A computer generated animation is different when compared to a simulation. In a simulation we see a prediction of what can happen in the future by making use of certain known facts. For simulation it becomes necessary to use industry accepted software to convert the data into simulation, while in an animation instead of predicting events we see a short computer-generated movie that is a person’s opinion on the matter. Considering the admissibility as evidence, a litigation animation is more difficult to qualify than say a survey map, but it will definitely score over a simulation. The main advantage of choosing to go for litigation animation is that it can survive high levels of cross examination because it is fully supported by solid fact or by testimony.

Here are some tips to get your animations the required admissibility in court;

  • Get the animation testified by an appropriate qualified industry expert
  • Choose a professional animation firm
  • Ensure use of quality hardware/software
  • Give sufficient pretrial notice (about use of animation)
  • Disclose all aspects of the animation(expert / software / hardware etc)
  • Be well prepared to meet all objections

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