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Restyled Federal Rules and Legal Ease / Legalese


With “legalese” on its way out, understanding the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedures) is all set to become easier to understand.

On December 1st 2007, the restyling of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures will come into effect. The restyled rules are shorter and easier to read. They can be seen at

What changes are done to the style? Well here is a brief list of the different types of style changes done to the Federal rules;

  • More concise
  • More headings/subheadings
  • More vertical lists
  • Graphic hierarchy
  • Avoiding intensifiers
  • Elimination of outdated material
  • Elimination of repetitious material
  • Elimination of syntactic ambiguities
  • Reorganization of jumbled provisions
  • Breaking up sentences that are too long
  • Minimizing cross references
  • Minimize of-phrases
  • The word “Shall” is being banished
  • Avoiding legalese

To see the restyled rules on the US court website, go to

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