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Remote Deposit Check Processing


Are you still having a lockbox facility to recieve cheques at the office? Modern technology has been revolutionizing the banking proces and now it is not necessary to physically deliver the check to the bank. One can deposit the check into an account from our home or office itself. The Check 21 Act of the United States has made this practice legal in the United States since 2004. The check 21 act makes a digital image of a check legally acceptable for payment purposes. The full text of the Check 21 Act is available at

Remote deposit check processing had been slow in catching up in the US. As by now it has proven to be a secure and safe method besides helping to save time and money, it is bound to fast catch up. It is believed that by the end of 2007 about 4000 financial institutions would have adopted the remote deposit process deploying over 2,50000 scanners. Some of the major American banks that allow remote check deposit include, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Citibank , Commerce Bank , Commerce National Bank and JPMorgan Chase.

Some of the benefits of adopting this technology include,

  • Eliminate cost of courier
  • Funds available quicker and in an instant.
  • Lower cost of accounts receivable processing
  • Lesser staff requirement
  • Reduced sales outsourcing

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based BPO pioneer company that offers services like check processing, data entry, data mining, data capture, OCR, ICR, data cleaning and data processing services for clients in the US, Canada the UK and Australia.

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Rajeev R

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