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Differentiating Legal Scoping from Legal Transcription


Though both the terms legal transcription and legal scoping are closely related there has been much lesser use of the term scoping whereas the term transcription has almost become popular. Just for the sake of the naive let me start with first differentiating transcription from translation because the term scoping also relates to translation. (here we translate short hand language into text). To clarify,

  • Translation is conversion of one language text / audio into another language. ( Ex : Translating from French to Japanese)
  • Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law.
  • Transcription is converting audio file / recording into text documents (or a transcript)
  • Legal transcription involves transcription of legal documents.
  • Legal scoping is converting of court reporting documents into transcripts that could mean either,

a) Translation of stenotype (short hand machine) notes into text or transcripts.

b) Converting audio/video court recordings into transcripts using computerized text editors (this one is almost like transcription but differs from legal transcription mainly because the term legal transcription involves transcription of legal documents that have originated both from inside and outside the court.)

c) Real time transcription, using CAT (Computer Aided Transcription) instantly produces unedited text on all the computer screens in court in real time which is later edited by scopists and then proofread before final conversion into legally authorized transcripts. (This service can be made available both onsite and remote)

Busy court reporters always prefer to get their court reports scoped using professional scopists or avail services from online scoping outsourcing providers who arrange to get the work done on a regular and consistent basis at attractive rates. This service is available with minimal TAT (turnaround time) and over 99% accuracy.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based legal process outsourcing leader offering services in legal scoping, legal transcription, legal documentation, legal research, litigation support, legal web design, legal animation and the like to clients and legal communities in the US, Canada the UK and Australia.

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