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Spanish Website Localization and Translation


There is a race going on online these days where various commercial and other sites are competing in trying to tap the fast growing online Spanish and Hispanic presence both within and outside the US. Thus Spanish localization and translation services from English and other language websites are on the rise. Whenever one wants to translate a website from English to Spanish it does not suffice to simply translate the entire web contents into the Spanish language. It is essential that the format and content of the website has to be first carefully adjusted and changed into a form that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target Spanish-speaking population.

Some of the basic localization techniques may include,

  • Adapting /adopting the website graphics according to new needs
  • Internal and external navigation changes
  • Translation of content with the required nuances of the target language
  • Pictures should be replaced appropriately
  • Appropriate audio/ video content conversions
  • Icons and symbols that appeal to the Spanish audience should be adapted /adopted
  • Appropriate linking to web communities or affiliates
  • Interactive content management

It is very important to initially decide and plan the target audiences as there are over 21 countries that have Spanish speaking people and the Spanish language in each of these places has its own distinct character and identity. If the site is for a particular sect like say Bolivian Spanish, Argentine Spanish or the US based Spanish people the appropriate language and style adaptation is required. One will need a Spanish translator who is highly familiar with the target culture so that one can get their appeal. However if we are making a common website for the entire Spanish world irrespective of the location than it is appropriate to use neutral Spanish on the website so that everybody understands it.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based company that offers highly professional yet competitively priced English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation services (including all types of technical translations) to its clients globally.

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