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General Correspondence Transcription


Communication is a very important part of any enterprise. With the high tech technologies in digital communication available today business correspondence has become quick and easy. However the demand for services like transcription and translation has also increased as a record of all communication and correspondence is very essential. Cyber secretaries, virtual assistants and transcription professionals are offering services online and offline for corporate, legal firms, small businesses and for individuals.

General correspondence is often done in a haphazard way and often in hurry and so can be prone to mistakes. Quite often dictations are just given, some times it is recorded with digital hand held recorders or digital telephones, mini tapes/ disks and microcassettes, CDs etc. These audio recordings come in various file formats like Quicktime, Realtime, .wav, .mp3, truespeech, vox, dss and MPG. Professional transcription services are available from freelance or from professional service providing companies who can get any audio or other correspondence transcribed and if necessary proof read within a short turnaround time.

What are the common types of correspondence transcription done in an office? Some of the types of general correspondence files that gets transcribed include,

  • Correspondence letters
  • Business notes
  • Formal reports
  • Legal documents
  • Business contracts
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Survey records
  • HR records
  • Employee appraisals
  • Speeches transcription

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based company that offers outsourcing of highly professional and cost effective legal transcription services that includes general correspondence transcription, wiretap transcription, verbatim transcription, trial transcription, deposition transcription, legal letter and testimony transcription services.

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Rajeev R

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