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Accident Reconstruction and Legal Animations


Vehicle accidents have become common phenomenon, and it can happens either on highways, within the city or some where else. Most of the time, it becomes essential to thoroughly investigate an accident, especially when it involves loss of life or property. All available evidences will have to be studied and interpreted in the most effective manner and the entire accident will have to be reconstructed on the computer using animation software by professional animators. This kind of accident reconstruction gives us insight into the causes of accidents/fire and provides useful solutions for avoiding future accidents.

Technical engineers and experts have to make a study of the different components of the car and its fuel etc and observe as to how these interacted with each other during the actual accident. They may need to work with computer animators and other design specialists. Using three dimensional computer modeling a detailed analysis is often made and virtual 2D or 3D animations that reconstruct the entire accident event is finally displayed in the court for the jury and others to visualize the event in the right perspective. A study of the site of accident can give a lot of evidence of the accident. Some times when photographs are the only source of evidence available, photo analysis techniques are used to gather reliable evidence on the case.

The final testimony and presentation is given in the court by experts in the field for cases involving,

  • Multiple roll over of vehicle
  • Brake failure
  • Tire has been disabled
  • Collision followed by fire
  • Defective automobile components

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