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Using High-Tech Digital Voice Recorders for Legal Transcription


Legal transcription involves conversion of audio files into typed transcripts. The modern day legal transcription technology has gone digital and is highly efficient these days. Voice recordings used to be analog and tape based and did have its limitations. Legal proceedings or dictations are now recorded easily with a DVR (digital voice recorder) and after downloading the recordings into a computer, the voice files can be transmitted anywhere across the globe in no time via the Internet for professional legal transcription.

What are the useful features and capabilities of such a high tech digital voice recorder? These are the major features that a “state of the art” digital voice recorder must have and can be used by attorneys and lawyers ideally for dictations,

  • Must be easy to use (preferably with a slide switch operation)
  • Must be able to record high quality audio and also video
  • Must have hands free recording (with foot switch)
  • Minimal transfer time
  • Must record in a standard digital speech format
  • Should be made for heavy professional use
  • Must have quick and easy editing features (over write, erase, insert, append etc)
  • Should have up to 10 hours of recording capacity
  • Should have multiple language support like French and German
  • LCD screen with backlighting
  • Must be compatible with operating system like MS Windows
  • Must be compatible with software for automatic backup of recording, automatic downloading of files and must also be able to automatically send the recording to other location via FTP, e-mail with direct PC recording.
  • Must have dual recording modes (SP and LP)
  • The DVR should have multiple user ID/ work profile capability (at least 8)

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing pioneer that offers very professional services in legal transcription specializing in different varieties like court proceeding transcription, verbatim transcription, trial transcription, and wiretap transcription to its clients in the US, Canada the UK and Australia.

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Rajeev R

Manages the day-to-day operations of MOS from NY. With an interest in information technology, Rajeev has guided MOS to extensive use of digital technology and the internet that benefits MOS as well as MOS clients.