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Timelines in Legal Graphics


Timelines refer to a chronological arrangement of events from earliest to the latest. It becomes easier for the audience to follow the events especially when it is occurring over a long period of time and a lot of information has to be shown. During litigation or in the court during a trial presentation legal graphics incorporating timelines can quickly get across the message to the jury.

Static timelines can be either shown as diagrams, illustrations or charts/bars that not only make it easier to understand but are also impressive. Complex events and its sequences can thus be simplified and presented.

Many online and offline timeline generating software are available that facilitate the analysis, presentation and communication of facts of a legal case to the clients, jurors, judges and colleagues. The recorded timelines are stored into disks and can be played in court. When the case is very complicated, interactive timelines are used that include different types of accessories like,

  • Sound
  • Pictures
  • Mapping
  • Documents
  • Mobile phone movement
  • CCTV

Some of the obvious advantages of legal graphics timelines include,

  • It lets lawyers/attorneys to present case facts graphically
  • It reveals the pattern of events patterns that is not otherwise not seen
  • Allows lawyers and their clients to compare opposing testimony
  • Helps illuminate contradictions
  • Enables case practice management
  • Helps planning the future
  • Can link timelines to documents

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing company that offers highly effective yet affordable services like legal graphics, legal animation, legal consultancy, legal web designing, legal transcription, legal document preparation, legal website logo designing, legal due diligence and more. The recorded timelines are stored into disks and presented using digital equipment very effectively.

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