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Methods of Spanish English Translation


Translating from Spanish to English can be done using different methods. The choice of the method must depend on the translation material and the purpose of translation and the objectives of the intended audience. Some of the basic methods can be classified as:

  • Literal translation (formal equivalence)
  • Paraphrasing method of translation
  • Middle method (dynamic equivalence)

The literal method of translation is as the word suggests, just plain translation of every word for word from one language to another.. Well of course here the grammatical differences are taken into consideration, but only to a certain extent. There is always the tendency to ignore the context while literally translating from Spanish to English.

On the other hand paraphrasing method of translation involves loose translation from Spanish to the English language where the basic idea is conveyed probably using different sets of words than those used during literal translation. However paraphrasing is not suited where accuracy in the text is required as it does not take into consideration the audience for whom the text is written.

The middle method of translation also called as the dynamic equivalence method is most ideal because it not only keeps away from literally translating the text but also closely considers the intentions and objective of the author. One of the biggest challenges as in any other translation in English Spanish translation is translating of the idioms and phrases from one language to another. It becomes the cause for formation of new words and language (Spanglish) that is a mixture of both the languages.

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