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Remedies in Copyright Infringement Litigation


If your copyright has been infringed by some one, there are many types of remedies or damages that you can legally and rightfully claim. A lawyer has to be consulted and after careful assessment of the situation one has to decide on all the possible claims and recovery of damages. It is often found that the copyright owner is passive about the whole affair and does not feel that litigation is worth his time. Basically it is up to you the copyright owner to initially decide if you want to go ahead with the claiming process against the infringer.

Some of the copyright infringement remedies/claims that are possible include,

  • Punitive damages-for wrong doings
  • Profits made by the infringer
  • Seizing of the infringed material
  • Claim of loss that has occurred to the copyright owner
  • Statutory damages
  • Recovery of attorney fees
  • Injunctions

The link to the US copyright office is A new copyright search system is to be launched at this website by mid August that will give access to over 20 million digital records of copyright registrations and records.

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