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Redefining E-discovery in Litigation Support


Legal communities and specifically the professional litigation support professionals have been facing a challenging situation in E-discovery and document review for some time now. Ever since the recent changes were made to FRCP it is obvious that in no litigation can avoid technology to face the ever expanding universe of electronic evidence. The olden ways of working with huge boxes of files at the law firms are over. According to Forrester research the spending in E-discovery alone is going to increase five fold in the next five years. However there has been a constant struggle to make the process of document review as quick and user friendly as possible considering the huge quantity of data made available and the drain in terms of time and money.

The new technology in E-discovery is basically a data analysis concept that brings back a tinge of the traditional methodology of searching through groups of relevant document. This new enhancement in e-discovery technology is referred to by different terms in legal circles including, conceptual review, topic review, and data clustering. Instead of searching through millions of documents each time using keywords, the new method groups the data/document according to topic/theme even before the document review process begins, so that one will know beforehand what can be expected in a set of data. Now it has become easier to search for your needle in the haystack. Benefits include better workflow and work organization according to skill.

More details on the technology and how it compares with the earlier technologies can be got at . Litigation support professionals will love to see the latest issue of the litigation support magazine for more information on this new concept review technology at

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