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Legal Wiretap Transcription


In the US wiretapping or telephone tapping refers to the monitoring of the telephone or the Internet by a third party usually in a hidden way. The United States Foreign Intelligence Court of Review can authorize any federal agents to wiretap the telephone and Internet for use as evidence in court (better known as lawful interception) which is usually approved only when other ways of detecting criminal activity is not possible. The wiretapped recorded conversation on the phone is often transcribed (converted into text form) by a professional transcriptionist and the typed transcripts later becomes a legally authorized documents that can be produced in court during litigation and trial. It is believed that it was wiretapping and intercepting of phone calls to his second wife in Beirut that led to locating the hideout and arrest of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Wiretap on a computer network was first ordered in 1996 when a hacker tried to enter the Harvard University and US military websites and computers. Recently there was a controversy after the Bush administration authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to used legalized but warrant-less surveillance of suspected international Al Qaida terrorists within and outside the US. Even though wiretap as evidence has been used in the US since many years, in the UK the government has only recently started considering the introduction of wiretap as court evidence after its latest review of antiterrorism legislation.

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