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Errors in Legal Transcription


Legal transcription like any other transcription requires the transcriptionist to coordinate his ears, eyes, fingers and sometimes the foot pedal as well. A transcription error/mistake can be defined as a type of data entry error that is made by a human operator. Quite often while the transcript is being typed, the operator touches his fingers in the wrong place on the keyboard and this can result in a typographical error.

There are many other types of errors like typing the wrong syllable, omitted word, and wrong punctuation spellings, etc. What are the different causes for these errors in legal transcription? Well some of the basic reasons for errors in transcription include,

  • Passive listening skills
  • Difficult accents in dictations
  • Problem in audio/video recordings
  • Poor judgement of the case by the transcriptionist
  • Skipping the editing/proofreading process
  • Not well experienced in legalese / legal terms
  • Misdiagnoses of errors
  • Error due to wrong OCR/ICR readings
  • Illegible writing
  • Syntax error

It is very essential to use the latest digital technologies while doing legal transcription and all transcription work should always be done under the supervision of experienced law professionals. Transcriptionists should also be constantly trained to consistently make them to deliver accurate transcripts in less time. The philosophy to be followed in reducing errors in transcription is to “prevent defects closest to the point of creation.”

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based data entry and legal outsourcing company that offers a wide range of affordable but high quality services like legal transcription, legal research, litigation support, e-discovery, data processing, data conversion, data processing, data mining, OCR, ICR and data cleaning services to its clients in the US, Canada the UK and Australia.

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Rajeev R

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