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Document Review Support during Litigation


Any major litigation involves a lot of e-discovery / document review work. Gone are the days when lawyers sat in huge rooms amidst tons of paper documents and preparing before litigation. Today legal documents are reviewed sitting in front of a computer using workflow and document management/review software. Often thousands of documents may have to be reviewed within a fixed period of time for the litigation to be successful and effective. And if not well organized, document review could be a very time consuming and expensive process. It is known to comprise 50 to 90% of the cost in litigation. Document review projects have been known to extend from just a few days / weeks, to months and even years.

During a litigation support assignment E-discovery work and document review become an integrated process and have to go together. Outsourcing of document review assignments to offshore or domestic contract attorneys under the constant guidance and supervision of the legal counsel is a very attractive strategy that is being adopted by law firms and companies to save up on precious time and money. India is fast becoming the most popular offshore destination for document review outsourcing.

The most common areas of document review are done during a legal due diligence process or during litigation involving regulatory matters or bankruptcy. Document review work usually starts after the request for documents has been received. What are the different functions during a document review process? Work primarily it involves collaborating with other attorneys and colleagues to review loads of documents. Lawyers/attorneys doing legal document review work have to be paid by the hour. What are the different functions during a document review process?

  • Identification of the responsive
  • Legal analysis
  • Communication between relevant work groups
  • Sharing/ editing documents
  • Identify financial problems in documents
  • Assessment of legal rights /liabilities
  • Offering appropriate legal advise
  • Reviewing contracts

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing company that offers highly professional services like legal transcription, legal consulting, litigation support, legal coding, legal document preparation, legal web designing and legal animation services to clients in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

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Rajeev R

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