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Document Review during Litigation Support


Document review is a big challenge faced by lawyers and attorneys while preparing for litigation. The recent Electronic discovery amendments to the Federal Rules along with the fact that most documents are produced electronically makes it obvious that huge volumes of electronic data have to be reviewed, analyzed and coded. Law firms are increasingly outsourcing their document review work to expert onshore and offshore litigation support service providers.

It is a known fact that in big document review projects involving thousands of documents there is a small percentage of bad review calls. Huge volume of documents may have to be searched and produced and a bad call can mean that some document has not been properly identified, tagged resulting in the document not being appropriate or relevant. It is but natural that perfection in document review may not be possible when it involves huge volumes of documents but there are certain precautions that can be taken. Basically it is a question of how the documents are interpreted and assessed. While reviewing, documents are usually categorized as privileged and non privileged and a wrong assessment could be critical in litigation.

Some of the precautions that can be taken for a successful document review are,

  • Use the best review tool and technology for accuracy in document assessment
  • Constantly updated case documentation
  • Well planned and organized reviewer protocol documentation
  • Review team orientation and training
  • High level of quality checks/control with good communication within the review team

When offering litigation support with document review it is very important for the review team to work within a specific time frame. Quite often work has to be done beyond office hours to finish the document review within in the given time.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing company and offers a wide range of legal and litigation support services to the legal communities in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. We have review teams within the US and also in offshore locations like India from we offer services including legal documentation, legal transcription, legal animation, legal data entry, immigration paper work, and legal coding.

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Rajeev R

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