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Specialized Legal Research in Legislative History


Specialized legal research can be done in all law areas. Specialized research of the legislative history of a statute is done when the language of the statute is not very clear in itself. A legislative history is the official documentation of the passage of a statute and involves many bills and resolutions over time. Legislation is normally introduced by the members of Congress. The bill is sent to the President after review by the committee before being finally passed by the senate and both the houses.

There are many research tools like Lexis and Westlaw besides other government sites that can be used for specialized legal research in areas like legislative history, customs law or tax law research. Specialized legal research on tax law is usually done when some controversy has arisen regarding the tax and the old history of the tax has to be compiled. All documents produced in the course of a tax bill will have to be collected and read by the researcher.

Different sources used for doing legal research includes, cases, regulations, treatises, statutes, restatements, loose leaf services, legal encyclopedias, websites and law reports.Doing specialized research by a student in law school differs from that done by an employee of a law firm. The law firm can have access to certain professional documents and can get help and information from other attorneys.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing service provider and a BPO pioneer that offers law firms and law professionals in all states of the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, a wide range of outsourcing services like, legal transcription, legal animation, legal research, litigation support, legal document preparation and legal data entry.

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