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Web Designing for Selective Search Engine Indexing


If you are a web developer or designer and have some pages on your website that you don’t want the search engines to index how do you do it?

Method-1: Most search engines will not index the pages if you use the following metatag in the head section of the page.

meta content=”noindex,nofollow” name=”robots”

Method-2: This is a sure method for all the search engines. Here we have to use a robot text file (robots.txt) and it should be located in the root directory. You can reach the article with the URL

The robots.txt file has two main components. They are,

  • User-agent:*
  • Disallow: /

The asterisk applies to all the search engines. While using the disallow function one can specify the files not to be indexed like shown in the following examples.

  • Disallow: /data checks/
  • Disallow: /cgi-bin/
  • Disallow: datachecks.htm

It is also possible to specify the names of spiders if we know them. While referring to directories please make sure that a slash is put both before and after.

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