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Professional Writing Principles


Are you a professional writer or are you aspiring to be one? What are the basic rules to follow to achieve success as a writer? Well if you are an aspiring writer, then please find below a gist of the advice that was given on the 28th Annual conference in Georgia in June 2003. These principles were written specially for the South Eastern Writer’s Association by W. Thomas Smith the junior, though they can also be applied successfully to other careers.

  • Many have failed as writers because they have wasted days in life.
  • If working from home, get up early every morning, take a shower, and get dressed just as if you were going to office to work.
  • Most of the successful full-time writers work hard beyond office hours
    Physical exercise is good for the body; mind and soul.
  • Self educate yourself constantly: If you know nothing of a subject, then you must study on that and makeup. Keep the mind razor sharp and eliminate “writer’s block”.
  • Meditate and pray to God deeply everyday
  • Secretly do something kind for someone, each day.
  • Live life – everyday. Watch the birds, play with children, talk with elderly people, go hiking, red poetry, listen classical music, paint, drive out late etc. Without such life experiences, writing is difficult.
  • Never waste time
  • Never procrastinate
  • Never lie to an editor/publisher
  • Do not be put down by financial set backs as it happens to all.
  • Learn from setbacks and move ahead
  • Rejection is also common in this profession. Do not let it affect you.
  • Never stop knocking on the doors of people.
  • Always remember the values and powers of a writer.
  • Keep record of one’s best work handy, so that it can be referred to, when feeling down.
  • Forgive and forget so that hatred does not sap away one’s energies.
  • Ideas often get life through dreams but one should not just dream but also act.
  • Do not be afraid to take risk if and when required
  • Be humble without any trace of arrogance
  • Avoid giving others the opinion of oneself being proud
  • Never turn down any work while starting off a professional writing career
  • Keep a notepad-and-pen or a small tape-recorder nearby always, to record any creative ideas straight away without postponement till morning.
  • Keep one updated with new technology.
  • Always meet deadlines
  • Never write for free (unless writing for a charity organization.)
  • Always save for the rainy day
  • Think abreast of your writing business or you may lag behind
  • Organize work

For a complete and original version of the writing principles please go to the following link at

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