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In Support Of Offshore Litigation Support


If you are a lawyer/client in the US or Australia and have been busy with long term litigations and are worried about your never ending litigation expenditure, you should contemplate the option of effectively offshoring your litigation support to India.

Corporate legal departments in the US and Australia were asked, what their biggest worry in litigation was, and it most often turns out to be about controlling the cost. Consider a company/corporate’s litigation process wherein the in-house counsel has to organize and execute all aspects of the litigation without having the time or peace of mind to plan out the really important strategies of litigation. If it is possible to support such a counsel with a legal support team from say India, the lawyer will have more time for his core activities of litigation like planning a better new strategy. Besides the above benefits, one should not forget that such type of work outsourcing can also actually cut the overall expenditure of litigation by less than half!

While LPO is fast establishing itself gradually in the US followed by UK, Australia is a bit slow in catching up with offshore support for outsourcing of litigation support. However time will prove itself as we have seen very often seen the world going the way America goes.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a BPO pioneer based in Oklahoma US offering quality litigation support services besides other LPO processes like legal documentation, legal transcription, legal research, and legal animation services from its Indian facilities for clients in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

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