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Electronic Discovery for Litigation Support


Electronic discovery (or e-discovery) is about discovery during civil litigation and deals with all legal information with electronic binary representation. Discovery here refers to the pretrial period before the litigation process starts. E-discovery differs from paper information because of its form, volume, and persistent nature. Another unique feature is its accompanying metadata. Thus it is a great litigation support tool for the lawyers.

There are many litigation support service providers who arrange e-discovery services to the lawyers specifically for their ongoing cases. A huge volume of documents from law firms and attorney offices can now be managed by an outsourcing firm that is located either domestically or even in an offshore location.

In the US, ediscovery is guided by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It is guided by the rules 26 t0 37 of Chapter V called as “Depositions & Discovery”
Some of the services provided by professional legal outsourcing companies in this context can include,

Managed Outsource Solutions is offering a wide range of outsourced legal support services including litigation support and electronic discovery to law firms and individual law professionals in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

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