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The World of Legal Transcription


If you have been to any court proceeding, you must have seen a court reporter or a court transcriptionist at work. It is a major part of their job to make available verbatim transcripts of court proceedings. Legal transcription or conversion of all these recorded court happenings into a formal text format is often finished later after the event is over.

Quite often court reporters take dictations in short hand and later type them into documents with a word processor; or we also have direct audio/video recordings of the entire court proceeding which is later transcribed by a professional legal transcriptionist. Legal transcription professionals may be located anywhere in a different offshore global location. Asian countries like India and the Philippines have become the world’s favorite outsourcing locations for all types of medical, business and legal transcription projects.

Today’s typical transcription equipment includes a networked computer/system along with a headset and foot pedal that is used to listen to the audio recordings of court proceedings. The significant character of legal transcription is that each and every happening in court has to be transcribed. Thus the legal transcriptionist must have sufficient experience in legal affairs, must be able to understand and interpret legal documents/ audio video recordings and cannot afford to misinterpret or make any mistake in comprehension. The ability to quickly comprehend legal documents and active listening skill are two of the most essential skills required for becoming a successful legal transcription professional.

Every legal transcript is certified and becomes an authoritative document of court proceedings and a document fit enough to be produced as evidence in court. Based on the specific situation of transcription, different varieties of legal transcription services are provided and outsourced by BPO companies. These include,

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based business process outsourcing BPO service provider offering legal outsourcing services to clients in the US, Canada , the UK and Australia.

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