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Modifying Digital Photos into Works of Art


Digital photos are packets of information on a file. Digitized files can easily be modified today and can be turned into a piece of art. In this context there are two other terms that can be confusing. One is fine art photography and the other is digital art. Let me clarify the difference.

Fine art photography also known as art photography is about taking specialized photographs that are very artistic and expresses the creative art of the photographer. It is usually sold to curators and collectors and not meant for mass production or for use in advertisements. They are some times displayed in art galleries. I recently saw a close up photograph of a pair of torn socks which looks unmistakably like a human face. Such is the creativity of the photographer. Another photograph looked like a perfect painting.

On the other hand, digital art refers to the computer generated art. What is admirable is that these digital artists often create digital art that perfectly resembles reality. I recently came upon many such art pieces in an exhibition. It was hard to believe that the image of the lively face of a young girl was not a real photograph but totally computer generated. With digital editing software like Photoshop it is possible to create wonderful art.

Now coming to the title of this article, we are talking about modifying photos and converting them into piece of art. This is done by either enhancing the original photo, merging it with other photos, or by adding graphics to it, colorization, etc. Today, such forms of art could be personalized and cherished by anyone. There are many digital art service providers who will take any of your photographs and convert it into a classical piece of art. Clients can give suggestions and ideas to the artists as to what they have in mind. Digital artists work on any old or new photographs and come up with admirable art works. One has to see to believe this. It is a craze for art lovers as it involves their personal choice.

So do you have any photo of yourself or your loved ones that you would want to modify and convert into apiece of great art? It could definitely become any art lover’s ideal gift. Just call Managed Outsource Solutions a US based online BPO services provider and leader with specialization in a range of photo editing services including, portrait glamorization, photo restoration, background replacement, object removal and more.

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