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Logo Design Principles


Developing a good and successful logo is a great challenge. There are many things people over look while designing a company logo. Companies who have to create a brand image actually have a separate design and promotion department for it and spend a lot of money. Some time millions of dollars are budgeted just to design and increase brand awareness. The company logo is the main and important identity of the company that gets embedded into the mind of the potential customer.

What are the basic principles to follow while creating a good logo? Some of the basic logo design principles may be listed as follows.

  • Simplicity of the logo design
  • Should be unique/creative
  • Should be memorable/effective
  • Should reflect the quality of the company
  • Texts in the logo should be clear
  • Well balanced and proportional for use in all media types
  • Logos should be limited to 2/3 colors

It is very important the logo on the web site exactly matches that seen offline on t shirts, stickers, business cards, stationary etc. Uniformity of the color and design etc is mandatory. The logo should be made available in each and every page of the website, thereby creating a brand experience for the visitor.

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