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Digital Legal Transcription


What is digital legal transcription? While digital transcription involves recording or dictation of voice onto a digital device, legal digital transcription is related to the recording of court proceedings. The digitally recorded audio files are played back by the professional legal transcriptionists who then actively listen and convert the audio files into text files called transcripts. This process of converting digital files into transcripts is referred to as digital legal transcription.

Why is digital legal transcription more preferred these days? Well just because digital files are very convenient to handle and transfer over the World Wide Web. Once the digital recorder has the audio recording done by a court reporter in the court room, the actual process of transcribing the court proceedings need not be done by the court reporter himself. Transcription specialists are available at different locations globally who can do the job at very competitive rates with high accuracy. One just needs to plug the files on to a computer for quick down load and transfer over the internet. Today’s quick and efficient digital legal transcription process allows for an almost real time legal transcription. Recorded digital files can be transcribed almost instantaneously and transcripts are available with a minimal turnaround time.

Certified transcripts can then be used in court as evidence or as any supporting documents. Digital legal transcription is very successfully used in different legal areas like, litigation, family law, criminal law investigation, personal injury and more. Legal documents that are usually transcribed include briefs, summaries, reports, pleadings, appeals, arguments, memoranda, and complaints.

The greatest advantage of a digital transcript is that the files are very secure and they do not degrade like the recorded tapes over time. There are many types of legal transcription services provided by professional transcription companies.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based BPO services provider to clients globally with specialization in legal outsourcing and offers a wide range of cost effective and highly secure digital legal transcription services likeĀ  court proceeding transcription, trial transcription, wire tap transcription, legal letter transcription, verbatim transcription, and general correspondence transcription.

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