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Different Types of Websites


Websites are of different types. No two web sites can be identical (unless they are mirrored). Basically websites can be categorized to be from one of the following types.

  • Search engine sites
  • E-commerce website
  • Community websites
  • Information portals website
  • Booklet/pamphlet sites
  • Opinion sites
  • Utility/activity sites

The search engines sites like Google and MSN are powerful tools online that lets us to search for sites on the web. E-commerce websites like the E-Bay web site have revolutionized the way business is done on the web and also offline. Search Engine sites have made the Internet what it is today.

Blogs and forum sites are community sites that let people interact communicate and interact among them. It is a very useful source of knowledge/skills and keeps records of conversations and allows wisdom to be shared among different industry members and experts. Information portals are sites that have many links on the web page from where the web visitor can approach different other web sites of interest.

Business sites/ religious sites often have web pages that advertise their product or services in the form of brochures or booklets. These could be down loaded and often leads the visitors to offline locations and are categorized under the booklet sites.
Sites today offer online applications and utility services for free or as a paid service. These are the utility websites from where one could probably send an email, play a game, or use a web tool.

Each of the different type of website needs to be planned and web designed differently. Each site is developed in a unique way as they have different structure and functions.

Managed Outsource Solutions is an online BPO company based in the US that offers web development and web design services besides other related services like internet branding and search engine optimization.

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