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Image Management Services


How well do we manage images? This is a question that a radiographer, a photographer or a professional printer needs to ask themselves. Since these professionals deal with images it is very essential that they be able to store, manage and easily access any image in the desired format in an instant.

Successful image management for a photographer today should facilitate easy viewing, easy editing and conveniently organizing of his entire collection of digital photographs. Specific image management tools and software are available today and they should be compatible with other related applications. It should also allow the photographer to work with his digital camera and help with the digital imaging workflow. Besides this, it is also necessary that all digital camera RAW formats like, EXIF, IPTC and XMP should be compatible to and be fully supported by the software.

Modern hospitals have images coming in from the X-ray department, CT scan, MRI scan and the Ultrasound scan rooms. While the PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) system is considered the state of the art system it is quite expensive and can only be afforded by major hospital corporations. Other cheaper solutions appropriate to the smaller hospital infrastructure and requirements can be custom made and ordered.

Solutions are offered by many outsourcing companies like Managed Outsource Solutions  based in the US. Other areas of image management services include high resolution image scanning, enhancing the images, image processing, image analysis, image editing, retouching, image storage and retrieval.

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