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Data Conversion India Services


Data conversion service providers are available by the hundreds in India. Many countries find outsourcing their data conversion projects to India very profitable. But what is the basic need for data conversion?

Data is information and information is the most important aspect in any business. Unless the available data is not converted into accessible information the company or business will not be aware of the details of business and cannot conduct business properly. Data can either be customer details, product details, statistics about sale, or inventory related information and more. It is highly essential to have the required information at one’s fingertips at the right time. This requires proper data/documents conversion and management.

The conventional method of keeping paper documents has given way to the new age electronic documentation. Thus data conversion from paper to files on a computer is one of the first data conversion processes. While doing such basic conversion processes it may be required that the service provider comes to the clients premises and scans the entire old records and data. So unless the provider is not available within the country it some times becomes difficult to directly outsource paper data conversion. Another available option however is shipping of the documents.

Conversions can be done from, paper, films, microfilms, aperture cards, large scale drawings, Books, image files etc. The different processes involved in data conversion includes:

  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Any format to Image
  • Content tagging
  • Meta tagging
  • CAD conversion
  • Book conversion
  • Catalog conversion

While a few US, UK and Canada based companies do maintain their own trained staff and equipments to do the conversion work, most find it to be a tedious and costly affair. Offshoring the entire conversion project to countries like India can account for big savings and also give the satisfaction of getting a professionally organized and hassle free service.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a BPO services pioneer based in the US and off shores many data conversion client projects to India and other countries.

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Rajeev R

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