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Components of Document Management System


Computer programs and systems that manage electronic documents or scanned paper documents are referred to as document management systems or DMS. These electronic documents can be stored, tracked, and retrieved as and when required.

DMS started in the 1980s, and then offered only images of documents. Later it evolved to include electronic documents, tools, security and more. The basic components of a document management system are as follows.

  • Storage of electronic documents in various file formats
  • Metadata or data about data
  • Integration of a DMS with other applications for better document transfer
  • Data capture using scanners and OCR(Optical Character Recognition)
  • Indexing data
  • Data retrieval
  • Data distribution
  • Data security
  • Data work flow
  • Data collaboration
  • Controlling data revisions

A good DMS has visualizing capabilities and can visually show the files and data thereby simplifying the data retrievakl process. Contents can be added or deleted in any quantity. A CMS or content management system further integrates a DMS with the Internet and provides web pages and website management.

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