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Online Litigation Support Areas


Lawyers and advocates usually handle multiple cases simultaneously. It demands a highly organized infrastructure (with paralegal and back office clerical support) to be facilitated at the law firm premises. This is because it is necessary to make available all legal case relevant information at the lawyer’s finger tips which is definitely not an easy process. The piling heaps of files and legal documents can make quick data retrieval a difficult task. One should also be very cautious not to lose any important papers which could badly affect the business or lead to defeat of a case.

An effective solution to such problem is outsourcing the entire firm litigation data management work to expert online litigation support providers. It would in all probability bring a big relief to the concerned lawyers and attorneys, who can now focus more time and energy on core activities.

Certain areas of online computer based litigation support may include,

  • Legal Database creation
  • Indexing Database
  • Data Coding/Litigation Coding
  • Legal document Scanning
  • Trial document preparz
  • Legal Transcription
  • Bibliographic coding
  • Document formats matched to data management software like Summation and Concordance
  • OCR(optical character recognition) cleaning
  • Evidence search and management
  • Legal analysis and reporting
  • Legal evaluation and assessment reports on cases
  • Pleadings documentation
  • Summarized depositions

Common Legal BPO destinations like India and the Philippines have the required expertise to handle litigation support services for clients in the UK, Canada, Australia, the US and other developed countries. As wages are low in these Asian countries the entire service allows for a saving of more than 40%. Managed Outsource Solutions a pioneer BPO firm in the US offers litigation support outsourcing services from both domestic as well as offshore locations.

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Rajeev R

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