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Dear Jan,

I think that we are all set. We love the new transcription service and can see the difference that it has made here at the clinic. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely let you know if there is anything that I need.

- KM

Hi Jan,

The work was fast, accurate, and we are so far very pleased with how it turned out.

The second half is in print and we are expected to have them completed by the end of June, sending them to you in early July. In the meantime, I appreciate the thorough work, follow up, and ease that MOS has provided.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I write to convey the pleasant and helpful assistance I received from Jan Merrifield in my recent contracting with Managed Outsource. The customer service I received from her, and her team, was superior to your competitors. Just three concrete examples include:

1) Of the dozen companies I requested bids from, Jan was the first to contact me, and the only one to follow up after the submission of a bid.

2) Jan worked with me extensively to develop the coding protocol to ensure an accurate bid. For this reason, I went with your company over your competitors even though several of them had placed cheaper bids.

3) She checked back with me multiple times to make sure there were no loose ends and to make sure all billing matters were taken care of.

She is tenacious and a treat to work with, and you are very lucky to have her on staff. I have recommended your company to my colleagues, and I plan to use you on future projects.

Client asked not to be identified

As always I thank you for being probably the most pleasant and helpful person I deal with every day.

IT is all now clear, And please let them at MOS know that they will be getting my narratives from HealthQuest from me.

The other narratives from HealthQuest will be dealt with as before.

Thanks again and have a great day,

How do you know SEO is working?

Recently, our SEO company reworked and refocused their efforts on some of our core key words and we achieved significant improvement in our Google page one rankings. With this we noticed an uptick in the quality of our sales calls as well as a surge of SEO providers contacting us to propose their services. Well, the two go together, the competing SEO firms are obviously monitoring companies who vie for ranking and thus, we popped up on their radar screen. Our SEO firms success on our account drew a crowd. Thankfully, our SEO is making our phone ring in more ways than one but we are realistic about who started the wave - our current SEO firm.

Why would competing SEOs go after companies who are already achieving page one results? Well, those companies are obviously working at it, they are likely paying someone to work at it (have a budget), and may be open to an even better solution. And, to a business owner, the prospect of even more leads walking through the door is like a drug, the risk being we become easy prey to the tech talk and promises of even more page one rankings. In past years, during the initial go-go days of internet marketing and the emerging SEO industry, we burned money on a few hard-sell SEO firms making grandiose promises. We also wasted money on overly broad pay-per-click key words. At this point we have an SEO firm with solid methodology and ethics and thus, we will not easily be swayed by the next SEO sales pitch. Our current SEO has also instituted improved reporting and tracking of our rankings and the changes therein from month to month. Essentially, our SEO has put themselves on the hot seat in that their performance on our behalf will be shown on the monthly report, front and center-thus, our objectives are in sync and they are backing it up with reports. As far as the success of our current SEO efforts are concerned, when the competing SEO firms stop calling then I will start worrying.

Dear Mr. Kruse,

I am writing this letter to express the pleasure I have experienced through working with your company. After employing many in-house and outsourced transcription companies, I have finally found a company that has catered to my exacting needs. The quality of the transcript and the expediency in which it is returned is outstanding. Everyone in your company has been very professional and courteous, and my questions have been answered promptly and competently.

Again, Managed Outsource Solutions has surpassed my expectations and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.


N. Loskovitz, CEO



To Whom it May Concern,

Managed Outsource Solutions has been providing transcription services for our practice since for our office since August 2004. Managed Outsource Solutions provides our practice with quality transcription in a timely manner. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.


Diana L.
Office Manager,
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Dear Mr.Kruse,

This letter is written to express my gratitude for the excellent service you are providing. It has been very convenient and easy to download the dictation at any time. The service is always prompt, and the quality of the work has been exceptional. Everyone at your company has always been very professional, polite and quick to respond to any questions. Again, thank you for the excellent service you are providing.


Julia U,
Office Manger
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I am writing to recommend to you an excellent transcription service.

After many years of frustration with trying to keep a local transcriptionist, I have found the answer! It is Outsource Strategies International.

This company uses digital dictation equipment. The doctor dictates and it is then downloaded to your computer and then uploaded to the company. Turnaround time is 24 hours. Accuracy is excellent. Tech support is always available.

Outsource Strategies has certainly solved a major office dilemma for us and I highly recommend them to you.

S. Atkinson,
Office Manager,
Amarillo, Texas