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Legal Outsourcing Philippines

Legal outsourcing to the Philippines has been mainly based in metro Manila. But many other smaller cities in the Philippines, like Cebu, Davao and Clark, are fast growing to become BPO centers. Philippines is ranked as Asia's second biggest outsourcing destination after India. Advantages like cheaper labor, lower cost of living, and large English speaking educated communities, are the exclusive advantages in Legal Outsourcing to the Philippines.

Managed Outsourced Solutions (MOS), is an Oklahoma headquartered company that provides legal outsourcing services worldwide to countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. It is associated with many BPO units in the Philippines and India. It also does specialized outsourcing domestically. The clients are given the option of choosing the work spot. Many factors of the type of legal service, and the client's specific demand are considered before choosing of the location.

Outsourcing services spread globally in diverse areas like medicine, business, IT, insurance, and accounting, makes MOS a business process outsourcing leader.

Other benefits of legal outsourcing to the Philippines with MOS are that these skilled workers function in a 24 hr, 365 day system. So we can actually report back on a daily basis, anywhere in the world if needed. The data is sent via the Internet, with high secured coding, rendering it impossible to be decoded. Also the technology used in these places is of high quality. The files are digitized and document flow management system is installed. The paralegal and legal staffs that do the legal works are trained at our training centers. All work is checked for the desired quality three times before being dispatched to the clients. Lawyers in developed countries will be happy to get the quality desired by them at lower costs. These works are consistently known to have an accuracy level of over 99%. The file transfer can be done either browser based, or by e-mail.

Legal outsourcing Philippines offer services in specialized legal services like legal transcription, data entry work, immigration paper work, litigation support, legal coding, court reporting, legal research and legal animation.

We have about 500 transcription professionals who are language specialists supervised by lawyers. These transcriptionists specialize in transcription works like, trials transcription, wire tap transcription, general correspondence transcription, legal letter transcription, and verbatim transcription.

MOS Legal outsourcing Philippines, also offers customized web based legal research, and legal animation services at quite cost effective rates. The graphically animated tools are very handy for pre trial preparation.

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