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Court Transcripts

Court transcripts play an important role in legal matters. They are records of court proceedings, whether written, produced electronically or recorded on audio tape. Usually created by a court reporter, court transcripts are word-for-word recordings of court proceedings taken place during a trial. Court transcription involves producing verbatim/non-verbatim transcriptions of court proceedings for legal professionals.

Do you want to outsource court transcription needs? If yes, choose Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) as your legal transcription services partner. MOS can easily transcribe your witness interviews, depositions, workers' compensation hearings, trials, wiretap recordings, memorandums, correspondence, and more. At MOS, we have a team of transcribers who have the ability to transcribe legal and general vocabulary, even poor diction, overlapped dialogues and words, multiple speakers at the same time, and their categorization. We offer court transcript services to law firms, attorneys, legal departments, financial firms, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, and other legal entities.

For more details of our court transcription and other related services, call 1-800-670-2809.

Quality Transcription for

Court Proceedings

With the support of advanced technology and knowledgeable workforce, MOS provide quality transcription services for court proceedings. Our transcription experts can accurately transcribe the following:

Court Transcripts
  • Attorney?s interviews
  • Arbitrations, briefs, hearings, meetings, interrogatories, pleadings
  • City council meetings, focus group meetings
  • Claims
  • Confidential documents, letters, witness reports
  • Deposition summaries
  • Criminal court transcripts
  • Investigations of criminal and civil cases
  • Motions
  • Police reports
  • Recorded telephone conversations
  • Trials
  • 341(a) hearings
  • Other proceedings
Why Choose MOS for

Court Transcript Services

  • Choice of domestic or international production for court transcripts
  • Transcripts can be made available in the format of your choice such as hardcopy, diskette, CD-ROM, DVD, and ASCII.
  • Utilizes advanced software such as Webster?s Dictionary and Stedman?s Spell Check to ensure accuracy
  • No extra charges for headers, footers, underlining, or bolding
  • Quality analysts team enforce a 3 tiered quality control protocol
  • Password protected e-transcripts
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • Customized turnaround ? 24 hours or less
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Competitive pricing with 30-40% savings
  • Free trial