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Managed Outsource Solutions Launches Its New MedResponsive Website


Managed Outsource Solutions Launches Its New MedResponsive Website
A leading healthcare business process outsourcing company established in 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has been providing digital marketing through SEO, SMO, PPC, web design, application development etc for all industries for more than 14 years now. The company recently launched a new responsive website for its healthcare and medical digital marketing service, MedResponsive. This service will focus on providing Search Engine Marketing solutions exclusively for the healthcare sector.

With more than a decade’s valuable experience in providing healthcare services, MOS’ niche expertise and SOLUTIONS approach has helped build lasting relationships with their clients. The interest expressed by the company’s main clientele in their healthcare digital marketing services is the motivating factor behind the design and development of this new website. With the experience they have in healthcare, knowledge, HIPAA regulations etc, MOS is confident that they are perfectly placed to expand and focus on their core clients in healthcare.

MOS President Rajeev Rajagopal says, “We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for our clients whether hospitals, doctors, DME companies and others. It is a perfect move for us. We know medicine, we know medical profession, and we understand specific needs in the plastic, cosmetic, dental, chiropractic and other areas of medicine. Our experience in developing multiple websites, applications including EMR and practice management systems allows us to continue services for the healthcare/medical industry. The experience in SEO, SMO and PPC over the last decade allows us to focus our work on Medical SEO and services.”

Designed with end users in mind, the new website’s upgraded navigation improves access to important services provided. The innovative design and content allows visitors to have a clear insight as regards MOS’ full capabilities and experience in the fields of website design and development, search engine and social media optimization and marketing, and brand promotion. Visitors also get to understand the company’s value propositions and existing growth prospects.

Managed Outsource Solutions Launches Its New MedResponsive Website

With Google quickly becoming a primary resource for healthcare information, medical businesses now need a strong online presence to ensure that their services and products are brought in front of people who need them. Medical websites must have a look and feel that is representative of their brand, and also have the functionality required. MOS’ MedResponsive service will help meet these requirements of healthcare businesses – designing, coding and building custom websites and enriching them with focused and relevant content. With hundreds of medical clients, MOS has already secured a firm footing in a highly competitive marketplace and this new service will surely give the company more opportunities to serve a wider circle of clients.

Healthcare entities looking to craft a dynamic and fulfilling online presence can access the value-added services offered by MOS’ healthcare marketing team. The team combines originality with intelligent marketing instincts to provide a wide variety of healthcare digital marketing services including:

  • Medical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Web design and redesign
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Website marketing

The professional team of designers, developers, SEO specialists and content writers at MOS works together to create effective marketing campaigns that help physicians and healthcare companies succeed in this digital age.

The new website ensures visitors a highly rewarding and informative experience. Simple and easy to navigate, it is user-friendly and packed with exciting new features including:

  • W3C Validation
  • Social media buttons
  • Google maps
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Customized Content Management System

MOS’ skilled team of developers has checked the website’s mobile friendliness and speed using Google’s Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool. They will also make sure that the website is frequently updated with the latest information on their marketing services.

MedResponsive more strongly portrays Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) as leaders in state-of-the-art online marketing strategies. Enhanced SEO and rich content makes the new website easy to find on the web.

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