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5 Simple Excel Data Entry Tips


Excel Data EntryData entry is a tedious but necessary task that has to be accurately done. Entering data and saving it is easy with software programs like Microsoft Excel that is a popular tool for entering and manipulating data. It enables quick and accurate entry of important data into its worksheets, and facilitates analyzing and reporting on the data. Excel has immense capacity to do quantitative analysis. It lets you do any statistical analyses of databases with hundreds and thousands of records and makes complex estimation easier. Excel method of entering data is a convenient way to display information entered in a complete row at a time. This becomes useful when you have a lot of data that can be organized into a table and viewed on the screen. Excel is very helpful for entering data but it is not very easy to understand and at times you may find yourself choosing more complicated approaches than actually needed. This is when you can benefit from some useful tips and tricks with regard to excel data entry.

Shortcut keys for quick entry

  • [Ctrl]+; for entering the current data
  • [Ctrl]+’ for repeating data from cell or to row

Entering repetitive data into Excel sheet can be time-consuming.

Leading zeros

Sometimes we may have to type product codes or lease numbers that start with one or more leading zeros’ and Excel may delete these leading zeros. There are two different approaches to prevent elimination of entries with leading zeros.

  • Choose the cells that have number entries stored. Right click and choose Format Cells and then click Number. In the Category list click Text and apply by clicking OK.
  • Type apostrophe at the beginning of the data to change each entry to text format.

New line entry in a cell

Just clicking [Enter] will not help you to start a new line in the same cell. Instead of that, press [ALT] + [Enter] to create a line break or new line in the same cell.

Moving to last row

[Ctrl] + [Down Arrow] will help you to get to the bottom of the Excel sheet. Similarly [Ctrl] + [Up Arrow] will take you to the first cell in the active column. [Ctrl] + [Right Arrow] for last cell in the current row and [Ctrl] + [Left Arrow] will take you to the first cell used in the active row.

Copy and paste

Copying an entire Excel sheet is not possible and pasting each cell one by one is also not practical. Instead use Office Clipboard, which will keep track of what you copied or cut.

  • To open Office clip board, click Home and find Clipboard at the far left.
  • Press the button in the right corner of the group to open Office Clipboard.

While using Clipboard you can use the following steps:

  • Click on Options button
  • Choose an item to paste on your worksheet
  • Choose Paste All to paste every item on your clipboard to the worksheet
  • To empty Clipboard choose Clear All

While data entry requirements may be limited for individuals, businesses have voluminous data entry and processing requirements. Small and mid-sized business organizations can enjoy cost as well as time savings by partnering with a good outsourcing company. Professional data entry services will be provided by trained professionals who are well versed in Excel. They ensure excellent accuracy of the data, which is an important element for any business organization.

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Julie Clements

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