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Document Scanning and Photo Digitization for Posterity at Greenwich Library


Greenwich LibraryDocument scanning and photo digitization can be efficiently performed using advanced technologies available now. Educational institutions, libraries, government organizations, and museums among other entities utilize document conversion services to preserve their valuable documents and photographs for future use. Typically, these services include converting hard copy documents into digital files.

Greenwich Library in Greenwich, CT is now digitizing their historic photographs and other documents so as to learn more about the history of Greenwich. Approximately 2500 photos and negatives form the late 19th and 20th century have been converted into electronic form. The digitization drive will:

  • Help with genealogical and historical research
  • Improve the accessibility of the library’s local history content
  • Preserve Greenwich’s history through digital technology

The process of electronic conversion at this library involves scanning the items at high resolution in order to capture all details of the original. Information about each image is captured and attached to the permanent record of the new digital piece. The digital files will be stored by the library. More photos are expected to be added to the archive as the digitization efforts progress.

Why Digitize Photos?

There are some definite advantages of digitizing photos.

  • Enables to view the photos in high quality resolution
  • Preserves the original photos and documents and prevents deterioration
  • Is accessible for all through the Internet
  • Helps to know more about the past
  • Helps in preparing online projects

Original photographs and documents in their physical form degrade day by day. Keeping them in their physical form puts them at the risk of total loss from degradation, or unexpected eventualities such as fire and flood. It is important to restore damaged photos to their former beauty. Digitization providers utilize professional retouching software that help to digitally get rid of marks, scratches and other signs of damage from the scans of old photographs. The process of electronic conversion prolongs the life of old documents and photographs.

Professional Photo and Document Scanning for Hi-def Images

High quality scanners utilized by data conversion companies features outstanding performance in terms of hardware and software functionality. Such a scanner has the following qualities:

  • High resolution quality, image optimization and rotation for better viewing of the picture
  • Scans multiple originals without damages
  • Scans documents, negatives and slides
  • Offers large format scanning ideal for maps, technical drawings and plans
  • Offers microfiche-microfilm scanning

Libraries such as Greenwich Library stand to benefit from professional scanning and document conversion services that are customized to individual requirements. Large volume digitization can be easily and efficiently done within the required turnaround time.

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