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The Technology Boom in Today’s Workplace


Technology Boom

More Effective Ways to Reward Employees

Today, technology has touched every aspect of life and brought about immense transformation. Nowadays, company owners can run their firms in a better manner aided by technology. They can keep in touch with their employees in a way which is much more refined than before. So, how are innovative technologies enabling businesses to keep their employees happy?

In today’s business environment where enterprises are surging ahead at breakneck pace, where employee engagement has become more relevant, employee appreciation programmes should improve as well. According to a study by WorldAtWork, which is a globalized HR foundation, almost 54% of the employees are of the view that short-term incentives play a big role in their engagement in work. 32% of them mentioned long-term incentives. A number of organisations are now remodelling the way of rewarding their employees. This has in turn improved performance and revenues. Also, being in touch with the employees through the social platforms and appreciating them online has helped business owners gain love and support from their staffs.

Studies show that employees expect recognition from their managers. Any employee incentive program would be successful if your employees now that managers endorse that program.

Ensure Employee Satisfaction

There are now some amazing technology based programmes that have made it easier for employers to be in touch with their employees and also to recognise their work in a much better way.

  • YouEarnedIt: This is a kind of social-media based recognition programme that helps employees earn credit points from team members, which they can redeem on different occasions for a variety of different rewards. These reward points are as exciting as “Coffee from the Boss” where employees can redeem the points earned to get a cup of coffee delivered to them by their own manager!
  • 7Geese: This is also a social-media based program which replaces the normal HR programmes with various online forms and reviews. Here, managers can specify online goals, organization charts and people directories to highlight team structures. Rewards will be in the form or several recognition badges attached to the core values of the company. Winners can share these badges on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and enjoy the recognition that comes with it.
  • Kiind: This platform allows managers to send their employees online gift cards based on their performances. Until the online card is redeemed, the company will not be charged for the same though. Multiple gifts such as Rdio subscriptions with customized messages for different employees.

Outsource to Reduce Staff Workload

Things have become easier these days and offices are becoming paper-less as well. Technology has taken a big leap over the years and more than a physical notepad, the notepad on a computer plays a more prominent role in our lives now. Modern entrepreneurs are connected to their employees in a very different way now. More people have started working from home or even remote locations in different parts of the world. As a result flexibility has increased multifold, enabling more talented and skilled people to work and make a contribution. The new working model also facilitates outsourcing, which can be strategically done in the best interests of your company. Identifying those processes that can be safely entrusted to an external agency and outsourcing those will reduce in-house workload and improve staff satisfaction and performance.

Business process outsourcing is now being increasingly recognized as a hassle-free solution for organizations looking for more compact and disciplined functioning and employee retention. Technological advancements allow outsourcing service providers also to offer custom solutions to their clients.

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