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Save Time and Space with Digital Scanning Solutions


With the advancement of technology, information has now become digital and can be easily accessed through various digital devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

However, many organizations still rely on microfiche to store important records as it involves little risk of damage or loss. But using microfiche poses many problems:

  • They can be read only on a special microfiche reader which is bulky and takes up space.
  • A paper copy of a microfiche document can be taken only if a special printer is integrated into the machine.
  • As color ink is rarely used in microform, photos and pictures often lose much of their appeal in this format.
  • One of the biggest issues is when it comes to sharing microfiche documents – if the record is available only in microfiche, it can be viewed only at the location where the machine is physically located.

It’s no wonder that microfiche scanning has become so popular. If you are an entrepreneur facing microfiche storage issues, microfiche scanning services can provide the answer. An experienced BPO company that offers scanning services for microfiche records can easily convert all of your microfiche records are into digital formats so that they can be stored on your computers or on CDs or DVDs. This will greatly reduce your storage space requirements. You can also save space needed for the microfiche machine and printers.

A reliable service provider can provide data archiving and management solutions with effective microfiche document scanning. Important data elements can be indexed, improving the overall value and utility of the information and speeding up the retrieval process. Services available include jacketed microfiche (mixed 16mm and 35mm frames), COM microfilm, and step and repeat microfiche. Information can be accessed and shared easily once you have your microfiche files converted into digital format. Time consuming manual image retrieval processes can be done away with.

Find a reputable business process outsourcing company with vast experience in microfiche scanning. The right service provider can offer competitively priced solutions in custom turnaround time.

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