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Off-shoring May Have Its Challenges, but Is “Irreversible”


Legal DivisionLegal departments considering outside providers often find that the best way to save money is by sending the work to legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies or offshore service providers rather than entrust it to law firms. Outsourcing legal processes is not only cost-effective, but you are also provided access to the expertise of professionals well-versed in US law.

What Are the Risks and Challenges?

  • Ensuring security and confidentiality
  • Ensuring superior quality
  • Developing and maintaining an ideal relationship with the service provider
  • Ensuring timely delivery of work entrusted
Think along These Lines before 


Legal entities can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient LPO experience if the following points are taken into consideration.

  • Take note of your legal requirements and see which processes can be outsourced. Here consider whether these are core or non-core tasks, the expenses related to these when done in-house, and how often these processes are carried out. High volume jobs such as litigation document review and those like preparing applications that recur frequently can be outsourced.
  • Ensure that your LPO provider follows efficient risk management and security measures to guarantee strict confidentiality of the data entrusted.
  • Consider the reputation and competence of the provider. Consider the clients it has served.
  • Evaluate how the work assigned is supervised.
  • It is important that you receive customized, flexible services with competitive pricing. In addition, the quality should be excellent.

The LPO trend is irreversible, according to Richard Susskind, the legal technology guru. In fact, over the last few years we have seen LPO firms increasingly engaging in planning and executing challenging projects with the right combination of people, technology and process. When planning to engage a service provider, it is vital that you spend some time studying what you stand to gain by associating with the particular provider. You should clearly identify how you can enhance your operational efficiency by the association. A carefully forged alliance will surely help you maximize all the benefits offered by LPO.

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