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Offshoring Legal Processes – Ethics Involved


Legal DivisionThere are many ethical concerns that come to the forefront with regard to legal process offshoring. Questions range from whether offshoring is legal, what quality of work one can expect, whether confidentiality is assured and whether clients are overcharged. All these are very natural concerns, but the truth is that legal process outsourcing is a booming industry now and is very likely here to stay. Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of industry giants like Dell, Universal Studio and Sony Pictures offshoring their legal work to India. Though the primary incentive for offshoring may be the lower cost involved, many U.S entities have become aware of the excellent quality of work ensured by trained and experienced professionals offshore.

It’s Easy to Establish the Credibility of the Service Provider

If you’re apprehensive about associating with a company providing outsourced services, the following points should put your mind at ease.

  • A detailed appraisal of reputable outsourcing firms offering legal transcription and other services will reveal the potential of the professionals employed. Apart from that, these companies also have outstanding supervisors and co-ordinators who will ensure output of superior quality.
  • U.S. based outsourcing companies with offshore facilities have no reason to overcharge their clients, because they are getting the job done at a much lower rate than that prevalent in the United States.
  • Another major concern is confidentiality because client data is being shared with offshore firms and professionals. This also needn’t be an obsessive concern because before outsourcing itself you can weigh up the security measures and practices implemented by the outsourcing partner. Once the credibility of the company is established, it is easy to evaluate the progress of work assigned through simple routine monitoring.


Has Been Given the Green Flag

Legal entities hoping for more organized and stress-free functioning can confidently outsource their legal tasks, especially in the light of the favorable rulings issued by at least six U.S ethics panels including the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and The Association of the Bar of the City of New York Committee on Professional and Judicial Ethics with regard to LPO.

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