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Data Entry in Healthcare


Data Entry in HealthcareMedical data is a valuable commodity and the accurate capturing of this data is critical to ensuring proper patient care. Data entry in healthcare involves the electronic documentation of new patient intake forms, appointments, account information, insurance information, claims details, admission, diagnosis, doctor’s notes, billing, reimbursement and so on. One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry is maintaining all this data efficiently, accurately and in an easily retrievable format.

Medical data entry is a time consuming task. Accuracy is paramount. Faults in the data entry can result in impaired data quality, which in turn, would have very grave effects on patient care. For instance, erroneous information by software can result in problems like wrong or late diagnosis, wrong medication or late treatment, and wrong dosage administration. Badly managed medical data entry can therefore endanger the interests of both patient and healthcare provider, increase healthcare costs and greatly endanger the efficiency of the healthcare system. Data entry and associated activities such as data capture, data storage, data integration, data retrieval and data security – all play a crucial role in data quality for the health information system.

Outsourcing medical data entry is the panacea and has proved very effective in helping healthcare providers minimize expenses, effort, complexity and waste, and above all, focus better on patient care. Offering data entry solutions with an unsurpassed level of quality and accuracy, an experienced data entry company can offer customized, HIPAA-compliant and timely document management support for the healthcare industry.  The right service provider would also be in a position to offer very competitively priced medical data entry solutions.

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