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Document Imaging


Business offices, educational establishment and government organizations are constantly under pressure when it comes to dealing with voluminous paper work. Critical documents have to be archived to ensure accountability. Space is a constraint in all offices and the cost of storing and filing paper documents is a huge drain on resources. The advent of document imaging is heralded as a solution to the problems posed by both space and manpower. With about 4 trillion paper documents reported in the U.S. alone, document imaging is assuming significance like never before.

Convert Printed Text and Photos into a Computer-Accessible Format

Document imaging converts printed text, photos, and figures into a computer-accessible format. What better way to safeguard your documents, store thousand of files and reduce office clutter? One would think that all an office needs to do is equip itself with document imaging technology. However, this is not a feasible solution as the technology is complex and expensive and involves costly databases, document scanners and optical storage equipment. Moreover, personnel would have to be specially trained to capture and index documents with a high degree of validity, which is the crux of document imaging.

These issues are leading offices all over the world to entrust their document imaging tasks to reliable outsourcing companies. These specialists are equipped with advanced document imaging technology and skilled personnel to offer solutions for storing, managing, retrieving and distributing documents accurately and quickly. As the data is scanned using OCR (optical character recognition), text embedded in documents can be found easily.

Document Imaging Processes Involves

  • Scanning documents
  • Converting scanned documents to TIFF or MDI format
  • Uploading the digital files to a secure file server so that they can be accessed from anywhere, any time by authorized users
  • Providing back-up solutions so that no information is ever lost

Businesses can streamline their documentation tasks, and save a lot of space, money and time with the document scanning solutions that a reliable professional outsourcing company provides.

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