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Outsource Subjective Coding Services: Save Time and Cost


As managing litigation related documents is a time consuming process, most of the legal departments, attorneys and law establishments outsource their subjective coding requirements to companies providing such services. By outsourcing subjective coding jobs, you can save time and cost, increase internal efficiency and stay competitive in the market. Moreover, you are ensured high quality and cost-effective coding.

Understanding this high demand, many firms are now offering quality subjective coding services. Many legal documents including case assessment, summons and complaint, client interview, investigation, pretrial pleadings, trial and appeal, trial preparation and discovery are coded to save the time spent in searching documents.

Subjective Coding Process

In subjective coding process, the coder seeks key information from the document, analyses it and creates a short summary. This process involves document review, analysis, in-text coding, summarizing and the creation of a table of contents.

Coding Professionals to Effectively Manage Subjective Coding

Utilizing the latest technology, the data is extracted, processed and analyzed. Some of the leading firms have an exclusive team of professionals to provide efficient subjective coding service based on a review and interpretation of the document. They conduct subjective coding on various fields such as person?s name, product name and document summary for faster document search. Moreover, these firms have quality controllers to provide multiple levels of quality control.

Approach a Legal Coding Firm to Benefit from Excellent Service

Outsource your subjective coding jobs to legal coding companies offering these services and enjoy several benefits including:

  • Great levels of consistency and an accuracy level of about 99%
  • Short turnaround time
  • Efficient 24×7 customer care service
  • Highly advanced data security management and technology deployment

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