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Legal Due Diligence and the Investor


Quite often the aim of an investor is to get a good return on investment. But different investors can have different objectives. Whenever new investments are made by someone one can be sure that a lot of homework has been done before one reaches the final decision of investing. Whether the investor is acquiring a company or business, or getting into a joint venture with others, he has to first properly determine the actual value of the firm that he plans to buy. Here legal due diligence investigations will have to be conducted in the different areas /aspects of the business including,

  • Financial
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Commercial dues

As due diligence is conducted professionally, different business trends will be discovered. Besides assessing the current management of the company, the overall market and industry trends are studied and one can find out if there is scope for further collaborative activities. During commercial due diligence the company’s position in the industry, its various competitors, strengths and weaknesses etc will have to be known with precision. The complete picture of the company can be got only after a thorough analysis is made.

While conducting a specialized technical due diligence one may have to assess the product, its technical potential, analysis and assessment of the manufacturing processes, the factory site etc. Conducting an environmental due diligence is also very essential for an investor to make sure he does not have any environmental liability or risks. Taking into consideration all the above aspects only can an investor take the correct purchasing or participation decision.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US based legal outsourcing pioneer offering professional legal due diligence services besides other services like legal transcription, legal research, litigation support, legal animation, legal web design, legal consultation, legal documentation to clients in the US, Canada then UK and Australia.

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Rajeev R

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