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Image Processing Applications


Image processing is a type of information processing that has an image as the input (example- a photograph or a video). Modern digital image processing treats the image as a two dimensional signal and incorporates required changes to give a different output that need not again be an image.

What are the different application areas of digital image processing? Well they include,

  • Medical image processing
  • Face detection, feature detection, face identification
  • Photography
  • Microscope image processing
  • Car barrier detection
  • Satellite image processing
  • Machine Vision Printing

One of the major image processing applications is in the medical imaging of the health care sector that involves the concept of image segmentation or division. The digital image is divided into many smaller units called pixels which makes it easier for the analysis of the image. This type of image processing is used in the location of tumors, in computer-guided surgery and in the study of anatomical structures. Old photographs restoration and photo editing are some of the other areas of application of image processing.

Image processing also has its application in the arena of industrial production and quality assurance and control. It supports random and total inspection of products quite effectively and is much superior to the manual method of inspection. This is done using different types of imaging sensors like the X-ray sensors, 3D sensors and infra red sensors.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is an Oklahoma US based data entry and BPO pioneer company that offers a wide range of affordable image entry, image keying, image editing, image capture, and image processing services and can deal with processing of all types of images that can be sent to us for processing either online or offline.

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