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Computer Data Entry Validation


Validation of data in computers is about making sure that clean and correct data is used in a program. There are rules in validation that checks the data and validates all that gets into the system.

There are two basic types of data validation, one in real time and the other is called batch validation. In real time validation that is used online the person who wrongly enters any data is immediately guided. This is done by designing filters that automatically remove data that is not expected to be entered and alerts the user. Java scripts are written in the client side or server side so that one can totally prevent user induced errors.

The most basic data entry validation examples include correction of country codes, telephone numbers, area codes addresses etc. Other validation methodologies include,

  • Checking for the type of data
  • Checking for the presence/ absence of data
  • Checking if data is within a specified upper and lower limit
  • Format /template checking
  • Spelling checks
  • Range checking
  • Checking data for consistency
  • Extra digits added for numerical calculation (check digits)
  • Batch total (hash total) used in each field
  • Complex multi file data validation

Data validation is very widely used is very much important and critical in the health sector. Before implementing data validation to enhance health management systems it has to be properly verified so that one does not get “false alarms”.

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